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Horticulture Lighting Group 260W V2 Quantum Board DIY LED Grow Light Kit


Horticulture Lighting Group 320W V2 Quantum Board 3000K DIY LED Grow Light Kit


Horticulture Lighting Group HLG 550 V2 Quantum Board 480W LED Grow Light


NextLight Mega LED Grow Light


NextLight Core


The Green Sunshine Company Electric Sky ES300 LED Grow Light


The Green Sunshine Company Electric Sky ES180 LED Grow Light


Mint LED 1000 COB LED Panel w/ UVA (460 Watt)


Spectrum King SK602 LED Grow Light


Spectrum King SK402 LED Grow Light


Optic LED Optic 8+ Dimmable LED Grow Light 500w (UV/IR) 3500K/5000K COBs


Optic LED Optic 6 Gen3 Grow Light


Optic LED Optic 4 Gen3 Grow Light


Optic LED Optic 1 COB Grow Light (54W)


Viparspectra Reflector Series 450W LED Grow Light


Viparspectra PAR700 Dimmable LED Grow Light


Viparspectra PAR1200 Dimmable LED Grow Light


California Lightworks SolarSystem 1100 UVB


California Lightworks SolarSystem 550


G8LED 900 Watt Full Spectrum Veg/Flower


Spectrum King Closet Case 140W LED Grow Light


Black Dog LED PhytoMAX-2 800


Amare SolarECLIPSE SE 500


NextLight LED Veg8 Grow Light